Heron versus Tench

I saw this grey  heron (Ardea cinerea) while riding my bicycle along the Oosteinderweg, near Aalsmeer, probably just after it caught a tench (Tinca tinca). The weather wasn’t great, so I upped the ISO a bit, to 1250, but nevertheless the pictures came out nice, or at least interesting.  In view of all the scratches on its beak, it is probably an older bird, and it is likely not his first large fish.


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Bremmer’s land

Mute swan (Cygnus olor).

Bremmer’s land (“Landje van Bremmer”) is a small pasture in Oegstgeest at the Leiden border close to where I live. It is adjacent to a park belonging to castle “Endegeest”, and next to a eco plant nursery: “De Groene Cirkel” (The Green Cirkel). So far I was able to get a decent picture of more than 20 species of bird I found in this area.

In this post I show a few of those pictures. Click on them for a larger view, or an album.

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