Keep Your ATP Healthy

ATP is the molecule that keeps you running. But left alone in the cell it rapidly ages and dies, and must be constantly replenished. Scientists have discovered an amazing new way to keep your ATP young, healthy, and ready for action. The only thing you have to do is shine light on it!

This amazing discovery was made recently in the labs of several collaborating universities and hospitals. Doctors performing experiments on liver cells discovered by accident that if the light was kept on during the night in the lab where the cells were grown, the cells had died the next morning. Fortunately they didn’t do the same thing Pasteur didn’t do: throw the cells away. Instead they concentrated their efforts on finding out what killed the cells. They quickly found that there was too much healthy ATP in the cells, and that in fact the cells had blown themselves to bits because they just had too much energy. According to Mae West “too much of a good thing can be wonderful” but this was not the case for the cells. A simple solution was quickly found: the scientist only had to tell the cells to be more conservative. And the miracle is, they can do that with light as well: just use a different color. First shining green light on the cells to warn them, and tell them to reduce ATP production, followed by red light to revitalize the ATP in the cells could reduce the energy consumption of the cells by at least 30% and sometimes as much as 70%!

Quickly they moved to experiments on hamsters, which had light fibers stuck in their brains for better neuron growth, in their balls and ovaries for higher hamster production, and in their livers and kidneys for improved waste disposal. For some time now these revitalizers are available in hospitals and are used on patients to speed up recovery after surgery, shortening the average stay in the hospitals for most patients, freeing up hospital beds so that more patients can be treated, and waiting times decreased. Now you can have your own ATP-revitalizer at home. Call 0900-MORE-ATP, and for only $199.95 your PhotoCare will be delivered by express mail. For an extra $99.95 six carefully crafted optical applicators are included for stimulating your frontal lobes (improving decision making), stomach (better digestion), bladder and prostate (men only), colon, and hearing. The sixth applicator is just for poking fun, and can also be used as a two-color laser pointer. A 96 page booklet with stimulating exercises is included. Help solve the energy crisis (you need 30% less food), run faster (by up to 30%), and reduce global warming (30% less CO2 produced by your body). Order your PhotoCare today, and get 100 (one hundred) extra photons for free.


[Written while working on Publications 89 and 93.]

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